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First trailer & stories online ...

Our incredible weekend was documented in many stories and pictures. A first film-trailer is already online, also the first written stories come in. We try to publish everything for you as soon as possible ...

Congratulations & Celebrations

With nice weather and an exciting race the Tour de Tirol ends with the Pölven Trail. Henry Kemboi won with a strong finish his second race this weekend ...

Heroes, just for one day!

They were all heroes, the participants of the 11th Kaisermarathon at the Tour de Tirol in Söll today, who reached the Hohe Salve under quite stormy circumstances ...

Tour de Tirol starts "cool"

The first step of the Tour de Tirol 2016 is done. With more than 700 runners the whole village Söll is in running fever again ...

It's the going, not the getting there ...

On Thusday the movie about the Tour de Tirol 2015 will be shown at the Registration in the centre of Söll. If you are already there, come and enjoy the pictures of last year ...

Before, during and after the run ...

Find enclosed our Tour de Tirol-Checklist for 2016. We are looking forward to a great weekend and wish you a nice journey to Söll ...

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