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Kids run - Who, when, why ...

Enclosed some information for parents. Please check out your starttime and your age class before the start on Sunday ...

Online entry will be closed!

Attention, the Online entry for the 10 km will be closed today. All other races are fully booked. Late registration in Söll is only possible on friday for the Söller Zehner, the Team-Run and the Kids run...

Startlists for all races online!

Who's gonna be with you on start at the 11. Tour de Tirol? Now this is easy to check out - the startlists for all races are online ...

Last chance for a startnumber with your name!

The countdown for the 11. Tour de Tirol is running! Today it's the last chance for registration with beeing garanteed to have your name on your starting number ...

Startlist online!

The start for all 3 stages (75 km) is full. The startlist with the lucky 500 Tour de Tirol-Competitors is online now. All other races are still open for registration. Pölven Trail-starter should be quick ...

Pölven Trail nearly sold out

There's a real "run" on our Pölven Trail starttickets this year. If the online entry goes on like this, the start for the Pölven Trail will be sold out by the end of next week ...

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